FirstMagic 3 Demo

04/06/16, 10:53 AM


You can sign in here and create a sub-website, or edit something somebody else has created. The Sub-websites are listed in the "Your Playground" page in the Top Menu.

The User ID = magic

The password = magic

Sub-websites are stand-alone mini-websites inside a regular FirstMagic website. They can have their own design, menu, header, navigation, etc.


If you just want to try some editing, go to the Playground, and pick a site to test. If you´d like to create one yourself, there´s a simple, one-page How-To here.


All the sub-sites are created by visitors. Do not expect them to be permanent, we clean house from time to time. Feel free to edit, delete and change anything you want -that´s what our demo site is for. If you don´t like a particular demo, just go ahead and delete it.


Want help? Visit, or contact us.

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